Saturday, 29 May 2010

Journal - Arrived at Changchun

Made it safely to the airport, correct terminal, and got my boarding pass. A huge relief! Collected the luggage okay, and found a taxi at Changchun. Leon had given me a sheet with questions and the chinese translation. I only had to point to the question. Slight problem - I didn't understand the answer. The taxi driver kept saying one, one, and I agreed. I hoped this meant that the fare would be a 100RMB (which Leon said was reasonable) and not a 1,000RMB.

Arrived safely at the hotel which was very cool, and in the busy part of the town. The walls in my room were stencilled with flowers and the bathroom had glass walls, with a light orange curtain. Fun, until I had visitors who wanted to use the bathroom!! The remaining people in the room had to stare out the window with their backs to the bathroom. It also had its own hot water cistern, so lots of lovely hot water.

This is the road outside my hotel. There were road works going on during my whole stay in Changchun. The roads have to be repaired after the winter snows and the government gets stuck in and ensures it is done. This causes major disruptions to the traffic, which is totally chaotic before the roadworks even start! So cars go over the pavements and over the roadworks, if possible. Where they can't go over the roadworks, then it seems to create extra parking possibilities!

Leon tells me that the rule is, if you can't see them then they can't run you over. The only problem is that I want to know that they have seen me and aren't applying the same rule! You need to do that sneaky sideways look and pretend you aren't looking or you never get across the road. Don't think of waiting for the red light, 'cos stopping is optional, as are most the road rules!

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