Saturday, 29 May 2010

Journal - Changchun - Leon's school

The next day I caught the school bus to Leon's school. Leon teaches 8 year olds - and they are so cute! I watched three classes - and participated in some of the activities. Leon introduced me to each class and they asked me questions: How old are you? What's your favourite food? What's your favourite colour? Of course, these are children that get a lot of attention at home - as most of them are only children. Apparently the parents have the teacher's mobile phone number and will ring at any time if they have any concerns. It also goes the other way, if they are happy then they will pay money into the teacher's mobile phone account.

As it was the last day of school, it was a half day. So all the teachers in Leon's group, and I, headed out for lunch. We had a fantastic meal at the 'Social Revolution' Restaurant (my english translation). The food was very typical for the northern region and there weren't any parts of each animal that was wasted. I think the strangest food that day was the pig fat, that had been cooked for a long time and then cut into cubes, so that it looked like a pieces of jelly and had about as much taste!

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