Saturday, 29 May 2010

Journal - China - overnight in Beijing

My flight from Sydney stopped at Shanghai and we had to clear immigration there, and then get back on the plane to Beijing. We were told on the plane that if we boarded the plane at Sydney then we had to go through international, and everyone else should go through domestic. I didn't want to go through international 'cos I didn't have the paperwork anymore. So I went through domestic. All the baggage came off the plane - no suitcase. I wandered around at 2am in the morning trying to find someone who could speak english who could locate my bag. It was sitting on the international carousel wasn't it!! Got to the hotel at 3am, and had to get up at 6am in time to have some breakfast and head out back to the airport to fly to Changchun.

Breakfast was interesting. After eyeing out all sorts of strange looking vegetables and meat, I decided that the only thing I could face so early in the morning was the birthday cake - sponge cake covered in hundreds and thousands and silver balls! Luckily I then found some toast, but no knife, so I had to use a chopstick to butter the toast.

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