Sunday, 16 May 2010

The drive North -second stop

The man at the visitor centre assured me that I would have no problem negotiating the gravel road to see the 'grandest' tree in NSW. It is approximately 400 years old and well worth the trip he assured me. Well, I found the turn off easily enough, but negotiating the road was another matter. I'm sure I didn't tell him that I had a four wheel drive! And the rain over night didn't make things any better. My only consolation was that if I went off the road, it would most probably only take two of us to lift the car up and put it back where it belonged. This photo is not indicative of the state of the road - it is merely the only place where I felt safe enough to stop and take a photo!! The tree most probably wasn't worth the effort, so I'm not even including a photo, but I was very pleased with myself that I had negotiated the road.

I also took the detour to Seal Rocks, which was a very scenic spot. A little off the road so not totally spoilt by tourists, but unfortunately on its way there.

I walked up the light house, and took this 'artistic' photo of the reflection of the trees in a puddle in the road.

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