Sunday, 16 May 2010

The drive North - Surfers Paradise

Continuing up north with the Gold Coast in my sights! I did try to do a detour through the hinterland. Got of the freeway at one stage and meandered through some very scenic countryside with breathtaking views over to the coast. But unfortunately there were very spots to stop, which i usually saw too late, and as the road wasn't very good, I had to concentrate on where I was going.

But once at the Gold Coast, I can assure you all that nothing has changed. Or perhaps there has been a slight change, I think it was a bit grubbier and tired looking. However, there was a lot of roadworks and renovations going on, so perhaps when done, it will look like it's old glitzy self. As you can see from the photo of the view from my hotel room, tall buildings are still the order of the day. Sunbaking on the beach in the afternoon isn't really an option! Jogging along the broadwalk was pleasant and I managed to get a run in each morning.

I had dinner at George's with Bernie, an old friend from my banking days. Bernie is a keen body builder, and is doing well in competitions. Good luck with the next one Bernie.

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