Sunday, 12 February 2012

Journal - Hawzen 24 January 2012

More spectacular scenery. This is early in the morning before we headed off to visit yet more churches. My 'temple socks' were definitely getting a workout! Although most of the churches are carpets strewn on the floors, some of the older ones didn't. The floors had been smoothed to glass by the numerous feet that had visited them. I was pleased that I had been warned and so had little socks to slip on that had non-slip soles. A necessity!

We visited Abraha atsbeha, a 10th century monolithic church.    Luckily this was easily accessible.

St George was with us once again!
Petroswepawlos was the next church on the itinerary, which was reached by an extremely rickerty ladder.

Apparently the ladder was a recent addition, and scorned by the local guides and accompanying children.    Those of our group who hadn't made it to Daniel and Mariam Korkor previously, were determined to be braver today, and in fact all of our group were successful. The priest was off attending to other business, and his gorgeous daughter took the required payment and unlocked the door.   So priests are allowed to be married, but if their wife dies, then they can't remarry.

Some priests hadn't made it back down to the village in their old age and were 'buried' in an open grave behind the church.

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