Sunday, 12 February 2012

Journal - Monastery of Ashetom Mariam 26 January 2012

The next morning we took a mule trip up to the Monastery of Ashetom Mariam.   Not my favourite form of transport!   It was okay when the mule was walking along the road, but once he was clambering over rocks on a narrow path, it was very difficult to hang on!   I also felt more confidence in my own footing - some of these mules weren't exactly sure footed.

So I walked most of the way up and down, saving the riding for the section through town, as being on a mule protected me from being targeted by children.   And proved that I wasn't totally scared!!

Once again we had amazing views over the countryside and Lalibela.

We had a fantastic view of the villagers making terraces and retaining walls.  This was a Government initiative.    All the farmers were required to participate during the non-growing months.

How cool is this guy?   The photo on the left is him making out the receipt for our payment to see the church.   Inside he is displaying some of the treasures of the church.  Sunglasses are so that we could use flash.

Travellling back to Lalibela.

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