Sunday, 12 February 2012

Journal - Simien National Park 21 January 2012

We left the Simien Lodge reluctantly in the morning. We had had good beds, lots of hot water and reasonable food. We had a long day on the road ahead of us, and so left early. A morning mist could be seen over the village, and we were informed this was the coffee haze!  Ethiopians love their coffee, which means lighting a fire to roast the coffee beans before brewing the first cup of the day.

The sun rising up over the mountains was spectacular. We soon ran out of superlatives as each bend in the road revealed new stunning scenery. But the road was long and under construction, as well as very windy and narrow, and we were very tired by the time we reached our destination.

The road construction was being undertaken by the Chinese, with the help of locals. We couldn't see any logic in the process, as some sections were completely finished, whilst a section nearby had even been started, whereas other sections seemed to have been left in a state of chaos. However, the locals were making the most of the rocks that were being uncovered. New homes were being built, as well as extensions to existing homes and new walls.

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