Thursday, 5 September 2013

Journal - Hugs, cuddles and vampires - Tuesday 13 November

I must have had a good night’s sleep, because my enthusiasm returned.   I had discovered the Addams Family tune and a song for the days of the week.   I’m not sure the children quite understood what days of the week were, but they loved the tune.  We wrote the days of the week on the board, and the children, with some assistance from Ravy, wrote it in Khymer.   This writing is definitely more like drawing.   The writer writes, then stands back, and adds dots or squiggles, or maybe a wavy line there?   

The children are getting more and more affectionate.  They love hugs and cuddles, and being tickled.   I watched a group of them playing make-believe games over lunch time, which included vampires, and wooden stakes, and the tuk-tuk as a coffin!

We saw a dead snake on the road on the way home.  I think it was poisonous and was a definite reminder that life isn’t so idyllic.  I had been thinking about how different their lives are, no computers, no television, running around with their friends, riding bikes and playing football in the road, but there was a stark reminder that their life has its own dangers, dirty water, poor sanitation, lack of education, and snakes!  

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