Thursday, 5 September 2013

Journal - Rain Storm - Tuesday 6 November 2012

We had to stop class in the afternoon because of the noise on the tin roof.   Some of the children ran about in the rain.  They just loved it, some with their clothes on, and some with their clothes off!  There are water pumps positioned regularly throughout the village, and it appears that all bathing and washing takes place there.  This was a chance to have an extra shower. 

Many of the children were very worried about their exercise books and wanted us to keep them in a safe place in the classroom.   Hopefully they will remain dry.  The classroom is not well built, and is definitely not waterproof.

There was a new boy today, perhaps 5 or 6 years old, so cute with big eyes and openly affectionate.   And as soon as the other children saw him giving the teacher a cuddle, I started getting a lot of hugs.   I had read that the Cambodians don’t like to be touched, especially on their heads.  These children loved to have a cuddle, boys and girls, and I would often give their heads a little caress as I walked by.  They all seemed to like this.   I would sit on the steps at lunch time, counting for whoever was skipping, usually surrounded by a few children.   The little ones would pat and caress, and then slip in a pinch or two!

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