About my blog

This blog originally started as an easy way for me to keep my family and friends informed about my travels.  I was working full time, and didn't have a lot of time, so this seemed an efficient way.   I could also make photos accessible without overloading their computers.  I had been in trouble a couple of times for causing computer crashes!

Then in 2011 I moved to Hong Kong and retirement.   I had a lot more time to travel and began to enjoy writing about my travels.   So the blog developed into a travel journal.    But I found that people didn't have time to plough through a whole travel journal, day by day.  Even though I have tried to keep it light and entertaining, it just seems too wordy!   And I still struggle with the placement of photos in the blog!

So the next change was articles.   I started off writing an article for a competition.   I found the word limit very challenging, but it resulted in much tighter articles.   I concentrated on painting the experience without relying on photos, although they always enhance the text.

So this is where I am up to now.    I am not sure what the next change will be, but I can be sure there will be one!

I would have liked to separate them out onto different pages, but an easy way to do this still seems to be in the pipeline.   So I have tried to mark them to differentiate between journal pages and articles.   And comments or advice on how to improve this would be welcome.

I hope you enjoy both the travel journal and the articles.

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